February, 17th 2015
Intensive R&D effort brought new products and improvements to some of the existing offerings which are:
- new TOTL RCA analog interconnect named SunSet
- re-designed USB cable models
- improved Sonic Pearl 2 circuitry
- improved Headonic circuitry
September, 15th 2014
- the Sonic Pearl headphone amplifier design has been upgdated in areas of power supply unit and amplifier section. This delivered more output power and increased sound quality.The owners of older version of the Sonic Pearl may benefit from two available upgrade levels. The amplifier unit replacement costs 250€. For 300€, the upgrade includes PSU modification delivering further progress in sound quality and output power increase
September, 16th 2013
- the Black Pearl headphone amplifier awarded Red Fingerprint by chief editor of High Fidelity
June, 7th 2013
- Entry, Signature and SunRise analog interconnects are now available with XLR terminations in the same price as the RCA version. We have chosen Amphenol gold plated plugs for this purpose.
February, 8th 2013
- starting from now, we are offering a battery powered version of the Sonic Pearl. There are two batteries inside and the user can choose which one to use for listening and which to charge using the automatic battery charger. When you select another battery to be charged, it is galvanically separated from the amplification circuit. Thus one can be sure to have clean supply voltage available all the time. 
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