Linear power supplies from Ear Stream are the answer to the recent interest in this type of product, resulting from the growing range of devices that use external power supply. These are DACs, USB converters, turntables, headphone amplifiers, music  files storage devices like Squeezbox series, etc. The factory supplied wallwart generally does not allow such equipment to reach full potential due to poor filtration and regulation of the supplied voltage. Ear Stream specializes in building power supplies with optimal dynamic performance, retaining full stability and responding without delay to rapid changes of demand for supply current. Our power supply units are linear regulators built of linear discrete transistors, and their ideal characteristics come from avoiding components and solutions considered by us to be bad for audio. We have:
- Zero resistors in the entire electronic circuit which means no loss of power and unnecessary noise generated by current flow
- Lack of loops with a time constant, which gives an immediate response to the changing load conditions without delay or limited current slew that adversely affects the sound by corrupting transients, producing TIM distortions and limiting dynamics
- The lack of inductive components as their function is to reduce current changes and attenuate current pulses which is contrary to the idea of immediate availability of huge current pulses when called for by audio signal
- The lack of any feedback loops. Power supply is made of cascaded reference DC voltage buffers which does not work like a closed loop system responding with delay, temporary overshoot and oscillations but only "repeats" stable DC voltage using an efficient transistor buffer with high current gain. The high quality of the power supply is also a result of optimally matched active and passive components: fast swirching rectifier diodes, electrolytic capacitors dedicated for audio, the transistors from highest series of current gain, toroidal transformers.
Ear-Stream power supplies are usually mounted in enclousures from Hammond 1455N2202 series black or silver with black panels. Cables, power indication LED, power switch, output voltage and current are the features selected by the customer or adjusted for the specific device.

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