Sonic Pearl is the top quality dynamic headphone amplifier with linear preamplifier function. It combines all the knowledge collected during development of Moonlight, Black Pearl and Headonic headphone amplifiers with a long evolution of solid state power supply architectures, described in section Power Supply Units. The chassis is manufactured from 10mm thick aluminum sheets on CNC machines and painted in two selectable colors - anthracite black or pearl white, both with crystalline powder effect. Logo and graphics are gold or black depending on chosen color. Its sound quality is considered by people who bought or heard Sonic Pearl as much higher than comparatively priced competition, actually being the new reference level of a headphone amplifier for dynamic or magnetostatic headphones.

Technical data:
- power supply: mains, country dependent
- idle power consumption: 5W
- input impedance: 10kΩ
- output impedance for headphones: 0.09Ω
- rated output power: 2.5W/30Ω, 0.32W/300Ω
- maximum output voltage: 9.3V
- line output impedance: 750Ω
- circuit gain: 14dB
- frequency response on 16Ω headphones: 5Hz – 2MHz
- channel separation @ 1kHz: 47dB on 16Ω headphones, 80dB with no load
Price: 1150€ as seen, 800€ in alternative enclosure
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