Hedonic is the latest model of the headphone amplifier from Ear Stream. It inherited all the experience gained during development of models Moonlight and Black Pearl. Its evolution and fine-tuning of the construction lasted over a year. In spite of this, even the first pieces of the Headonic gained respect of the customers because of progress in terms of the sound compared to the Black Pearl coming together with higher engineering level and improved electrical parameters. The result is more power at very low output impedance.
The unique feature of the Headonic is the way in which the gain switch operates. It's a different approach than offered by most of the competition where the change is based on altering the negative feedback depth. In Headonic, selecting the lower 0dB gain shortens the signal path inside the ampllifier while putting unused circuits into the sleep mode. In this mode, the amplifier becomes extremely eco-friendly and totally minimalistic. This feature shall be appreciated by owners of efficient and sensitive headphones, but also by users of stereo speaker systems based on a power amplifier with high input sensitivity.
The Headonic working with the high gain and full power is still an exeptional construction offering advantages mentioned in the first paragraph of this description and resulting from thorough selection of components and well considered architecture. In spite of this, the Headonic fulfills all the assumptions of the Ear Stream philosophy of building headphone amps. The first stage is a minimalistic voltage buffer consisting of just one solid state element, suffient enough to drive many models of headphones, thus suitable to supply power amplifiers with music signals. The second stage is a circuit with current feedback, delivering increased current and voltage capacity required to drive demanding headphones or deliver signal of exceptional quality to power amplifiers accepting high maximum amplitude. Default setting of high gain is +14dB but the customer can choose a different value. In addition, the customer might choose a version of the Headonic headphone amplifier with the most suitable equipment installed.
Basic and GS/P versions utilize separate power supply which is a mains supply unit as standard or a separate rechargeable battery in an optically matched enclosure and choice of two types of battery chargers. The GS/P version adds to the Basic functionality line output and gain switch, packed in a slightly larger enclosure. The basic version of the Headonic offers the high gain only.
The GS/P Box shares the same functionality with the GS/P version which means selectable gain and preamplifier function while the power is delivered from the onboard battery installed inside the amplifier. Detailed parameters of each version of the Headonic are listed in the relevant tab.
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