Signature is the common name for cables and other products that represent the essence of brand's philosophy on both sonic and technical fields. Does it mean the Signature interconnect is the fullest embodiment of Ear Stream's house sound? Yes and no. Yes because we think these cables are exactly what is expected from an analog RCA interconnect, and no because we consider its sound signature as virtually non-existent. This is a very transparent cable in any term of sound that you can imagine. There is neither a loss nor a coloration in timbral content of music, the soundstage is of no pre-defined shape with size that the recording can deliver and the dynamics are truthfully impressive, comparable to live performance. This is a cable for high quality audio setups, with no field for cables to "help" the system in sounding more pleasant by adding their own timbre, hiding difficult to portray details, pumping up bass, etc. Instead of it, they allow you to fully appreciate your audio equipment, free of signal chain limits. The given results were obtained thanks to the high bandwidth of the wire construction and two independent shields dedicated for transient-accurate and noise-free signal transmission respectively.
Price - up to 1m long pair of RCA or XLR cables: 210€
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