Black Pearl is a project whose intention was to deliver as much sound quality as possible within budget kept to minimum. Besides higher power the Black Pearl has got the advantage of high tolerance for supply voltage fluctuations in a broad range. This let us introduce the dedicated NiMH battery for Black Pearl, providing clean supply voltage for up to 40 hours without charging. The battery has got two sockets for connection with the amp and the charger simultaneously. You can continue listening to the music when the battery is empty charging it at the same time.

The battery and the amplifier are offered in original aluminium or black anodized enclosures. The plastic frames are always black. You can choose between normal and BK series of Hammond 1455K1201 and 1455K1601 for the amp and the battery respectively.
There is an option of active preamplifier output on the back panel. In such case the amp's enclousure is Hammond 1455N1201 silver or black.
The standard power supply unit and the charger have black polyamide enclousure and two fixed wires for mains and DC output.
Technical data:
- supply voltage: 12-26V DC
- idle power consumption: 1.5W
- input impedance: 10kΩ
- input sensitivity: 1.5V
- output impedance: 12Ω
- rated output power: 1.2W/30Ω, 0.22W/300Ω
- maximum output voltage: 8.5V
- circuit gain: 15dB
- frequency response on 16Ω headphones: 5Hz – 2MHz
- channel separation @ 1kHz: 52dB on 16Ω headphones, 80dB with no load
Prices of the Black Pearl and dedicated accessories:
Black Pearl headphone amp - 375€
Black Pearl amp with LINE OUT - 400€
Linear PSU 230V AC/24V DC - 25€
External battery 2600mAh - 200€
Linear battery charger 230V 50Hz - 50€
Automatic battery charger 100-240V 50/60Hz - 100€
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