The idea of​​ offering a custom cable for headphones or replacement of the one mounted permanently is equivalent to selecting speaker cables for stereo  systems and home theater. Resides here quite a lot of potential to improve the sound quality of headphones, especially if the cable is the place where headphone manufacturer makes significant cost savings. Profit from replacement cable for the better can be noticed even on low-cost models of headphones. Creative Aurvana  Live! is actually a model example of the effectiveness of such an operation. Once there was used the cable Conducfil SONOLENE 3014 which is still our favorite upgrade cable suitable for headphones, offering honest, accurate sound with the correct tonal balance, and unlike competing products with exotic names  and lace geometry, keeps its value when used with different models of headphones.
Ear Stream offers ready cable made ​​of wires Conducfil 3014, braided polyester, jack plug Amphenol TS3PBM-AU and Cardas HPSC connectors. This cable takes full advantage of the materials and the knowledge used for its construction is not limited only to the choice of the used components and how they are connected, but various minor details of construction which significance has been repeatedly verified by us.
Price - 3m long cable equipped with a 1/4" jack: 100€
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