Range of analog and digital cable from Ear Stream has been developed to join coherence with diversity so that every single model shows that ideas and solutions of our company make not only a theoretical sense. All our signal cables are equipped with Neutrik ProFi RCA plugs . They have been chosen due to the ease of use, reliable performance, reputation of the manufacturer, but most of all - audio qualities. More exotic plugs in terms of brand, shape or applied materials always sounded worse.

It might be controversial that we use Neutrik plugs on the S / PDIF cables. Here again, the theory went to the practice, and reliable Neutrik plugs work well. Why? Ear Stream digital cables utilize proprietary wave impedance matching at the point of cable termination inside the plug. The purpose of this is that the plug works on the principle of the electrical current conduction rather than the waveguide, which is the coaxial cable. As you know, hardly any RCA plug has the required wave impedance of 75 ohms while the RCA standard is imposed by the equipment manufacturer and has a wave impedance of around 60 ohms. So even if the cable and plugs are of matched impedance, the sockets spoil the whole impedance matching idea and induce signal reflections. While it is possible to save the situation by replacing the RCA sockets for such with the impedance of 75 ohms, it is not always viable or desired, for example, due to losing the warranty. Ear Stream digital S / PDIF cables let you forget about the problem, which is solved inside the plug. Due to different effects of reflections on the transmitter and receiver side, the subject was treated individually at each end of the cable, so it is required to maintain proper direction of the cable . In addition, as a result of our impedance matching technique, the S/PDIF cables are not suitable for connecting analog inputs and outputs.
There are three digital cable models - Digix1, Digix2 and Digix3. The numbers in the model not only indicate the order of increasing quality of the transmission, but also inform about the number of dedicated solutions used to improve the transmission of digital data.
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