Modifications of  audio gear at Ear Stream is an innovative approach to this topic, built on several years of experience with regular tuning focusing mainly on component replacement and comparing its results to our ideas. We are focusing on the issues of electromagnetic compatibility and separation of critical components from incoming interference by electrical and radio route. There are two approaches here - separation from adverse electromagnetic fields and suppression of parasitic electromagnetic coupling. This approach differs from the "classic" audio tuning, which mainly consists of replacing some of the items relying on the belief that the new part is better because of the finding that the new sound signature is a quality progress, and it is mostly step aside as the above-mentioned problems remain unresolved. Rather, we are dealing with the situation under the rug sweep away debris. So we can say that what is done by Ear Stream is "cleansing therapy" rather than "plastic surgery" which is not fighting the root cause but its symptoms. Does it really work?
Just listen to the results obtained on DVD or BluRay player, or USB converters where they work on large data portions requiring high computing power and process often much larger amounts of data than is required for the CD format. Filtering out noise generated by digital systems and usually resulting in a switched mode power supply lets a DVD player take advantage of the higher optical pickup bandwidth - better prepared to even the basic CD format, more effective correction of errors due to longer data buffer and a more advanced algorithm implemented in a more efficient processor and better ability to read damaged and scratched discs due to the more precise laser optics. This type of modification brings huge quuality progress also in DACs, especially the modern ones with a complex digital section performing upsampling and other filtering operations as well as controlling transmission over USB, Ethernet or WiFi.
The whole strategy consits of related operations. In the first place all sources of broad bandwidth noise are suppressed. The rectifier diodes must be fast and of soft switching characteristics. Second, we increase the effectiveness of rectifier switching noise elimination, and this is done in several ways in the power supply. The next step is to modify the supply of functional blocks so that the end voltage circuits are less relaxed in terms of impulse current availability due to yet done electromagnetic shielding. After these operations, you can think about the next step which is a classic tuning procedure based on parts upgrade but that usually turns out unnecessary. If you want to bring out the best features of the device and remove the shortcomings while maintaining its sonic identity, you do not need to do anything else and skip the typical modification procedure.

Ear Stream can make changes or increase the functionality of the device i.e. by adding a digital input or output, installing a high quality clock in the CD playe or simply replace some parts. In devices such as headphone amplifiers and preamplifiers actually it is difficult to avoid this operation, especially in the case of budgetary designs where there are basic series of passive and active components.
At Ear Stream you can modify:
- Solid state and tube headphone amplifiers
- Preamplifiers
- CD/SACD/DVD/BluRay players
- DACs
- USB converters

In the case of mains powered devices we offer a quality power cord installation as well and provide solutions for devices sensitive to mechanical vibrations and stability.

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