USB cables have been recently a rapidly growing production department of cables for audio. The ever increasing maximum resolution and sample rate of music files imposes more stringent requirements in the field of bandwidth and noise immunity for both data lines as well as power and ground wires in a USB cable. The high-end range of PC audio equipment often replaces the +5V supply over the USB connection with external power supply of high quality, dedicated to the USB converter. We offer a slightly different approach. Analysis of a typical USB 2.0 cable construction brings conclusion that its design has been optimized primarily for electromagnetic compatibility towards the external environment and as an effective data transfer means on the specified distance of 1.8m Ear Stream USB cable prioritize uninterrupted transmission of data, but also focus on the purity of the +5V supply line and the ground. Especially during the testing of high resolution files can be heard as a large mutual benefits of minimizing the impact of voltage and transmission lines on each other in the USB cable. This confirms our claim that "digital noise" on the lines of the current +5V is mainly the result of the data stream in the USB cable interfering with the supply wires, not primarily caused by noisy voltage supplied by the PC. Often the +5V USB line comes from a linear regulator working with a dedicated low-power transformer because it's the only way to wake up the computer from the stand-by mode using a peripheral device connected to USB port.
There are currently two models of Ear Stream USB cables. Both meet the conditions set by us, and differ only in the means of achieving established ideas and material advancement.

Optimal is a USB cable model using independently shielded twisted pairs of oxygen-free copper wires. We have here a complete separation of transmission and power supply both from each other as well as from the external environment. Connectors A and B have gold-plated connectors, providing always the best contact in the USB slot. The cable is marked with company logo and red braid jacket.
Extreme USB is a true high-end cable in the world of audio data transfer. It is made by hand with the best silver plated copper solid wire with teflon insulation, meeting military standards. Classical screening of data and power lines is replaced with a special material that guarantees constant and close adherence to the layer of insulation. Outer  coat made of heat shrink tube is polished with non-metallic substance for the purpose of elestrostatic charge accumulation before the braid is applied. This is an extreme approach and a truly unique sound, characterized by excellent tonal balance, no digital feeling, black background and outstanding resolution. The cable is marked with company logo and black braid jacket.
Optimal v.2 1.0m - 70€
Optimal v.2 1.5m - 80€
Optimal v.2 2.0m - 90€
Optimal v.2 2.5m - 100€
Optimal v.2 3.0m - 110€
Extreme v.2 1.0m - 115€
Extreme v.2 1.5m - 150€
Extreme v.2 2.0m - 185€
Extreme v.2 2.5m - 220€
Extreme v.2 3.0m - 255

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