§ 1
To order products from Ear Stream, send your inquiry by e-mail to earstream@wp.eu or call mobile phone number +48 507109531 stating the name and number of articles, the manner and place of delivery and the payment method selected. In response we will provide information about the total cost and delivery time. Prices include 23% VAT.
§ 2
We collect payments by PayPal or bank transfer. When using bank transfer, the currency must be New Polish Zloty - PLN or EUR. For PayPal, EUR is preferred and obligatory for 0% VAT transactions in the European Union. PayPal payments are subject to charge additional 3.9% or 4.9% of due payment depending on the country.
§ 3
Options to purchase the Sonic Pearl amplifier are:
 - Chassis color black or white. Black version has a blue LED indicator, the white one uses dark orange LED
§ 4
Options to purchase amplifiers Black Pearl and Headonic are:
- Housing color silver or black anodized. Plastic frames are always black, bolts in shiny silver or black respectively. Potentiometer knob is in the color of the amplifier.
- The color of the LEDs on the front panel: white, warm while, amber, red, green, blue
§ 5
On special request, we can set different than the standard gain available in each amp.
§ 6
Analog and digital signal cables can be ordered with a different length than 1m. Price will be given on request.
§ 7
The return of purchased goods is possible within two weeks. The items must be in immaculate visual and working condition to get purchase refund.
If you have questions, concerns, or need advise, please contact me by phone or e-mail.
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